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I learned all about feminism from my friend Ana Casian Lakos. She…

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I learned all about feminism from my friend Ana Casian Lakos. She told me about racism, classism, priviliege, and why they're bad.

Yet it seems that since i learned about this stuff, life hasn't gotten any better.--it's gotten worse. People just dont want to hear about it when you call them out on their sexist and racist behaviour.

Is it just me, or does feminism take a lot of courage?

It takes a lot of courage, and courage is something i dont want to have.

How the fuck are you supposed to be a feminist with people telling you everywhere, that it's such a bad thing.

Why do people have to bully you about it, all the time?

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On October 14th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC), fayth1978 commented:
IMHO, I think it all depends on how you are presenting your message. If you are coming across in attack-mode, or as morally superior, etc., than you are likely to get a negative reaction from people. "Calling people out" on "racist or sexist behaviour" will likely not be an effective approach.

I could be way off the mark here - I'm only going by what you've posted - but it's worth considering how you are presenting yourself to see if you can modify it in any way. Obviously, your goal is to get people to listen to your ideas: fair enough. The kicker is that people will often give your ideas a listen if you reciprocate by listening to their ideas as well. You may not come to an agreement or compromise, but at least you will have had a civil debate which may be expanded on the next time around.
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